Furry animal head masks

Furry animal head masks

Free ground shipping offer expires in 00 : 00 : Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Show All. A great Halloween character is only a mask away! With hundreds of Halloween masks in the Party City collection, from superhero half masks to hand-painted old man masks finished with character wigs, a complete transformation is as easy as a change of face.

But all the different styles and materials may be puzzling So here are some tips for curious. With scary masks, where the whole point is not to be recognized, a full over-the-head design is often the best way to go — total coverage in a Halloween mask that fits over the noggin and covers it front, back, and on top. Many horror masks come with black mesh fabric over the eyes to further conceal your identity; you see out, but your victims can't see in — a truly terrifying effect!

Animal Masks

For comfort, a half or three-quarters mask is your best bet; these leave the area under the nose, mouth, and chin unimpeded for breathing and for the all-important Halloween candy and snacks. As a bonus, they often cost less than full over-the-head designs. At the most basic level, where price is the primary factor, you may want to consider a face mask. Usually made of molded plastic and held in place by elastic band, these are accessories of choice for children, while deluxe face masks for adults tend to sport upgraded materials like heavy fabric, vinyl, or even space age composites.

For realism, latex offers the greatest character detail in a horror, clown, or animal mask, but vinyl is an excellent alternative for people with latex sensitivities — not quite as soft and flexible as latex, but close enough that most folks can't tell the difference.

We're pleased as can be when you order online, but you can always head to your nearest Party City location to try on all our Halloween masks before you buy. Featured Birthdays.

Animal Masks

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furry animal head masks

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Product Variants Selector.All about how I made an animal mascot head, in the shape of a black and white cat. Features taxidermy eyes and re-rooted hair. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

To make your furry mascot head, you will need: Definite: A silk balaclava; strong duct tape; masking tape; upholstery foam; spray glue; a cool melt glue gun with lots of extra glue sticks; a Prismacolor marker; chalks; a pen; lots of scrap paper; one pair of general purpose scissors; one pair of small sharp scissors; calico, canvas or buckram; a pair of large taxidermy eyes at least 32mm ; Fimo; white acrylic paint; fleshtone acrylic paint; nail polish remover; fleece material; a sewing kit; long pile fur, the most expensive you can afford ; a lint roller.

Making a head model [If you have a mannequin head, you can skip this step and move straight onto step 2. I'll assume you do for clarity's sake. Keep going until your head is covered. Then take strips of tape and cover the top of your head. Only cut until you can slide your head out.

Then patch up the cut with duct tape. I use newspaper and carrier bags. Anything that keeps the shape. I used a handy glass vase. Then duct tape the head in position so it won't move when you're making the head. Put your balaclava over your head model. Take your time isolating the kinds of shapes you'll need to make the skull of your animal.

Remember you're only building it up from the face so you don't have to worry about the back of the head. If you can, take a picture of yourself wearing your balaclava and try to draw the face of your character over the top of it. This will help you get an idea of the right dimensions to use. I like to start with the cheeks, so cut out some pieces of foam with your scissors, so that they will form the cheeks of your mask.

Remember, the fur will make everything wider than it looks now, so be conservative about how wide you make the cheeks. Use spraymount glue to attach the foam to your balaclava. If they're too big, carve them down with scissors, cutting a little off at a time. Keep checking for symmetry - it's vital that the mask be symmetrical.

In order to make sure I didn't build my mask so that it crushed my nose, I stuck a strip of plastic canvas where my nose would go on the balaclava, for reference. The eyebrow ridges are usually a good place to go next. These are where your mask will get most of its facial expression, so unlike the cheeks it's good to be a little - even a lot - more generous with how much they stick out. It'll look silly on the unfurred mask but the finished product will look a lot more expressive if you do this.

Installing the taxidermy eyes. Glue the foam onto the eyes. You can change the expression of the eyes by making the eyelids different shapes. Fold a piece of fake leather over and stick them onto the eyes with a glue gun.

These should be oversized and run under the eyes as well as to the side of them because they will be the source of your vision.Get weird and wild with a Mouth Mover Mask! These eerily awesome masks actually move with your jaw, giving the illusion that the animal is talking… or howling… or barking… or what the fox says.

The resulting image is guaranteed to unsettle and amuse your friends. This lets you naturally create a very unnatural effect. The life-like faux fur provides the detail needed to complete the freaky facade.

furry animal head masks

Choose from four styles—pug dog, lion, wolf, and fox—to find the creepy creature that speaks to you. Mouth Mover Masks by Elope are hyper-realistic head coverings that transform you into an animal. And thanks to some ingenious engineering inside, they can talk!

One of the reasons these masks are so unsettlingly awesome is their gift of gab. Another is their detailed hairy hides.

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So when you growl, snarl, bark, or recite a sonnet in a Mouth Mover Mask, expect to get petted! When you put on a mask this cool and weird, people are going to stare. Luckily, you can stare back. Your viewing slits are concealed with a black mesh that helps you blend in and not ruin the effect of an upright canine carrying a conversation.

All the better to see you with, my dear. Each has a unique fur, an articulated jaw, and an ability to wow friends and scare strangers. All of them are animalistically awesome. A person of any age can enjoy the effect of a lifelike animal talking to them. Now, if there is something that you need to know about this product that we've omitted, please send us an anonymous question and we promise to answer it within 1 business day.

Animal Head Masks. You're not logged in. Log in Contact Us.Masks are ancient. Some of the oldest masks in existence date back to over 9, years old.

furry animal head masks

That means that we've been using and perfecting the art of masks since before the beginning of recorded history! Archaeologists today aren't even quite sure what the masks were used for. Perhaps they were used in sacred rituals or perhaps they were special apparel worn during ancient games.

Well, these days, the primary use of masks is for costumes! You know, cosplay events, costumes parties, and trick-or-treating during Halloween! Well, we just have to say that we LOVE masks. From the scariest clown masks to the simplest of superhero eyemasks, we love them all! It's part of the reason why we've gathered up such a great selection of Halloween masks to wear for the occasion. So, what sorts of masks can you find here in our collection? Well, we have a selection of masks for both adults and children, so we can accommodate any sort of style that you're seeking this year.

You just have to pick a theme that suits you! We definitely need to start out by drawing attention to our scary masks. We have ALL of them. Almost literally. We carry the classics, like Jason's mask from the Friday the 13th movies along with classic Freddy Krueger masks, so you can craft a realistic look based on your favorite horror movies.

Aside from that, we carry a ton of generally freaky masks that capture everything from classic zombie styles to some truly hideous masks that are the stuff of nightmares! If you're trying to create a haunted house experience in your neighborhood, then it definitely begins with our masks.

Scary isn't the only thing we have going on here! We also bring some very heroic looks as well! Superheroes are huge in pop culture and our selection of superhero masks reflects that.

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We carry some iconic heroes, like Power Rangers, Batman, Spider-Man, and even some obscure favorites, like that big blue lug, the Tick. What about your favorite movie characters that aren't superheroes or horror movie villains? Well, we got some of those too! Lord of the Rings masks? Of course, we got them! We have Gollum and Azog! Sure thing! How about masks based on your favorite Disney movies?

Yeah, we have those too! There are just so many different mask options that you'll be ready to cosplay as your favorite character in no time! Of course, we also have a huge variety of random masks that fall in between the lines of everything else we've discussed here!

It's all here to help make your costume experience the perfect one this year, whether you're trying to craft an extra special cosplay outfit or your just want to get your child a mask for some trick or treating! Do you remember your favorite Halloween as a kid? We remember the feeling of trick-or-treat night perfectly.

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Animal Masks

GH-1 hot sale factory price unique animal wolf furry mask for kids. Contact Supplier. Fashion function mouth moving furry party mask parrot animal head mask HuiTai support oem. Plush head party masquerade mask PartyGears halloween furry fabric party cute animal shark support oem. C soft llama animal hat with ear flap head party mask llama animal hood cap llama furry yy support.

furry animal head masks

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Show All. You don't have to ride the horse or jump the shark this Halloween — you can BE the shark, horse, gorilla, panda, unicorn or a myriad of other animals with a selection from our animal mask collection. Slip on one of our latex, plastic or furry animal masks and leave your human persona behind. Scary Animal Masks: If you're looking to up the fear factor this Halloween, check out our killer versions of several typically cuddly creatures.

From our blood-stained rabbit to our pointy-toothed killer bear, you'll subvert expectations with our scary animal masks. Of course, we have the truly terrifying animal masks as well, including our full-head werewolf masks, some with movable mouths or jaws.

Creepy Animal Masks: Sometimes an animal just looks … off. Not quite terrifying, but not approachable or ready for petting. If you're going for that unsettling look with your animal mask this year, we have plenty of creepy animal masks to choose from. Try a giant chicken, a mad cat, a startled horse or a hairless chimp for a surprising look or check out our Feisty Pets animal masks to go from adorable to attack mode in seconds.

Animal Half-Masks: Sometimes you just want the suggestion of an animal, by adding ears and a tail, nose and whiskers, or an animal half-mask. We have many options, from multiple colors and species of cats, to ladybugs, bees, owls, foxes, crows and butterflies.

Animal half-masks are great if you need to wear the mask for a while, or you want to keep your mouth open for eating and drinking at your Halloween party. Whether your kid chooses a chicken, pig, cow, horse, duck, cat or dog, you'll find a Halloween animal mask ready to help them neigh, moo or quack to their heart's content. Latex or Plush Mythical Animal Masks: If a legendary animal is more your speed, try one of our mythical animal masks.

Made of plastic, latex or plush, you can become a wise dragon, a beautiful unicorn or a formidable Kaiju for an incredible Halloween costume. Transform into one of these prehistoric creatures and frighten your friends into giving you all the candy this Halloween.

Lions, tigers and bears are just the beginning of your options for animal masks this Halloween. Select from these and other scary and cuddly animal masks to find your perfect costume look. Featured Birthdays.

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